Aftercare is probably the next most used word within henna artists, besides the word "henna" itself.

So what is aftercare? 

As the name suggests, it is caring for your henna stain after the henna designing process, to ensure you have the best stain that you can possibly achieve for your skin type. We all know that henna is not cheap, especially when its done for a major event like weddings or engagements. As with any other expensive things we buy, or for me at least, I will take care of them oh so carefully. There are many factors that goes into achieving that beautiful dark brown stain that we normally see on brides. The first step to securing a dark stain would be to keep the henna paste on for at least 3 hours. It takes between 2-4 hours for the paste to set. If you wish to have a vibrant colour, keep it on longer! That is the biggest tip henna artists will always emphasise on. 

I remember waking up one morning to a notification from one of my clients who texted me saying that her henna stain was barely visible.

Ok, calm down, lets probe further. 

I replied , "How long did you keep the paste on"

She replied, "Long enough for me, about 30 minutes?

Now, we know henna paste is not easy to keep on especially when you have to get shit done. Lucky for all of us, HennabyAini produces our own Henna Sealant which helps the henna paste sticks on longer tot he skin, causing minimal disruption to the design. 


Get it now! 



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